White birch fireplace, by Dee

Aspen nutcracker carvings by Rey Ledda

Oak burl planter by Robby on Etsy store ResonateWoodworks

This is Nebula, she is a cobalt blue tarantula on a mossy rock. Her mom is Anjelique.

This is Cher on mossy logs. She will be the mother of gecko twins soon. Her mate is named Sunny. By Sarah

White Birch arrangement by Rebecca

White birch branches by Sherri of Etsy store Sherricalosso

Macrame with birch by Christina of Etsy store SenseOfSelfCo

Burl slab miniature by Judi of Etsy store Jpalenski

Birch Frame by Pamela of Etsy Store PamelaHarnoisArt

Birch art by Cathleen of Etsy store ElegantGardenDesign

Parakeet (Tosha) on birch, his mom is Victoria. He speaks English and Russian

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